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Identify that tune?

What's this music? They used it as a bumper on Saturday's "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" at the 8:48 mark on segment 1. I've heard it before but I don't know music. Help, please?

Cosplay by McCall’s

Cosplay by McCall’s -

"We’re so, so excited to introduce Cosplay by McCall’s, the new cosplay sewing site from the McCall Pattern Company. We want to bring you the very best in patterns, sewing tips, and more, whether you’re making bodysuits or tailcoats, ball gowns or capes. Superheroes and sorcerers and magical girls, beginners and veteran stitchers alike are all welcome here."


I noticed their booth at C2E2 just for a second on Saturday, but I think I was on my way to a panel, and then I forgot to go back to check them out on Sunday.

(btw, are dealers’ rooms not called dealers’ rooms any more? I was there on Saturday with a young woman who had no idea what I meant when I texted her that I was in the dealers room. She called it “the Show Floor,” and so did all the signs. Or is that just a C2E2 thing?)
Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet Now on Display (AirSpace Blog, National Air and Space Museum)


FriendFeed is closing down

I've mentioned FriendFeed here a few times, trying to get people to join.

What is FriendFeed? you ask (again). What it is, it's a great place to talk and to meet great people. As I commented elsewhere, "I came for the librarians, I stayed for the FriendFeeders."

Very high signal-to-noise ratio, friendly people, interesting conversation, and a true community that celebrates together births, marriages, and accomplishments, and helps one another through deaths, family crises, career bumps, and personal problems.

[Edit: In this comment, Stephen Francoeur explains another aspect of FriendFeed that make it great: enabling serendipity and social discovery.]

I've been very lucky to be a part of it for seven years and it has been my main online home for much of that time. Unfortunately, Facebook, which bought it in 2009, finally noticed it and announced it's going to shut it down next month.

It's been a very nostalgic and busy week at FriendFeed since the announcement. We're remembering the high points and low points of the past several years, and we're looking for a new home. I just hope we can find a way to stay together.

Fantasy author Pratchett dies aged 66

Fantasy author Pratchett dies aged 66

12 March 2015 Last updated at 11:10 ET
Fantasy author Pratchett dies aged 66
Breaking news

UK fantasy author Terry Pratchett dies aged 66 after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease, his publisher says

This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly. Please refresh the page for the fullest version.

(Apparently, there's a statement at the Penguin website , but it's getting slammed so I can't see it.)
Sergei Polunin, "Take Me to Church" by Hozier, Directed by David LaChapelle

“Proving very popular, this video showing ex- Royal Ballet Principal dancer Sergei Polunin was recently released on YouTube. The video is beautiful. The choreography by Jade Hale-Christofi is spectacular and shows off Polunin’s strengths as a dancer, and the unusual setting adds another layer of interest. Is Polunin foot perfect? I’m not so sure. But it doesn’t matter. The film is – deservedly – a digital hit because it combines a number of key elements so often lacking in ballet videos.”
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"Downton Abbey" fans, Christmas has come early this year! The long-discussed charity video George Clooney made with the cast of the popular "Masterpiece" show on PBS finally aired in the U.K. last week, and is now available Stateside in all of its glory."

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The Librarians

That was fun! And Noah Wyle was seriously channeling Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor in the regeneration mini-episode.